You can't effectively move forward in life and get where you want to go if you're constantly looking at where you've been.
Your job is where you earn an income. Your calling is where you cultivate an outcome.
Is what matters to you moving you forward, or keeping you going in circles riding the roller coaster of life?
How do you respond when "life" gets in the way of progress? When you get entangled or tripped up?
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Thoughts without corresponding action are nothing more than dreams and wishes. Stop dreaming about what "could be" and start taking…
A passion for learning can take you far.
Armani is growing, but he's not yet growing up. Yhere's a lesson in that for all of us. Growing is easy. Growing up demands more.
Robin learned from Batman’s example to become a leader in his own right, Nightwing. Who you learn from matters.
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Black Belt Leadership